Sunday, 15 July 2012

Until I Die - Amy Plum

Title - Until I Die
Author - Amy Plum
Text Type - Paranormal Romance

“Kate, I admit that we aren’t in the easiest of situations. But are you always this . . . complicated?”
I opened my mouth to say something, but Vincent shook his head, grinning. 
“Actually, don’t answer that. Of course you are. I wouldn’t be so totally into you if you weren’t.”

Having read the first book, I was definitely not the only person that highly anticipated the release of this second book to Plum's successful novel Die For Me. Admittedly after such a mysterious start to her trilogy, I was intrigued to see if Plum was able to continue her series after giving such a captivating taste of her enigmatic revenant storyline, for many books have failed to impress even though the first book had been stellar. I hoped, possibly more than any other book, that her more original ideas that avoided the cliché vampire and werewolves would continue to stand out among the others. Until I Die did fall a little short of this expectation, though it was an enjoyable read considering the first book had set the bar so high, meaning just missing the mark still meant a comfortable read. The characters remained amiable and interesting, never lacking new secrets that rouses our suspicion and curiosity. While the build up towards the climax did not demand the desired attention, the originality of her supernatural creation sets this novel apart - an achievement worthy of applause as the paranormal genre is a place so difficult to attain an identity.

Continuing the journey in the perfect setting for a romantic novel, we are lead through a tour of the beautiful Paris. Plum takes time to help us explore the beauty that Parisians get to experience every day, taking her time to describe how different the layout of the city is compared to ours. The whole vibe that we get from the surrounding convinces us of the romance that was so perfectly set up in the first book. Plum's solid work throughout this second book has just consolidated what the first had promised: She is extraordinary at delivering a masterful, compelling love story. But what supports it is the atmosphere and mood that she creates with her choice of a enchanting French setting. Although everything from the scenery to the difficulties seem cliché, she has managed to pull off a connection between the characters that are worth remembering.

The charming and dreamy feel is incorporated into the characters very smoothly, a quality that really captivates the reader's attention. I loved the way Plum's picturesque environment reflects the passionate relationships between the protagonist Kate Mercier and her lover Vincent Delacroix, which is what the novel truly focuses on. While both of them carry around secrets of their own, it is evident that all they want is to be together. No matter how corny that may sound, it is an inevitable fact that young adults are naturally attracted to this type of story. The truth is, Plum needed to excel above expectation for the essence of the star-crossed theme to shine. It was vital for her to strengthen Kate and Vincent's relationship in order for the story to meet the constant soaring standards that new books have set for this genre. While she has maintained the expressive bond that her lead characters share, I felt that it lacked a very small amount of development that it needed to improve upon the first. Even though Kate has grown further into a determined young woman who is devoted to searching for a solution to her situation, it missed something special that would prevent it from being forgettable.

With that said, the ending salvaged the novel from being lost and even guaranteed that most readers will continue to explore this revenant journey due to a massive cliffhanger. Plum definitely didn't hold back as she blew our anticipation levels through the water for the next book, the finale of her revenant series. It provides me with a reason to believe why people are so eager to get their hands on the next book. There is no use saying otherwise: No matter how mad readers seem to be about being left with a bombshell, we all secretly enjoy them and there is no doubt that it is the most successful way for Plum to secure an audience for her next book. Which is a relief because Until I Die has an undeniably sweet romance that I grew to adore, only waiting to hopefully blossom as the final story unravels.

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